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My Regimine Led To My Cure



I had acne starting at 11 years old. I am 31 and am cured 3 months strait for the first time. I promised I would blog when I found my cure so that I might help someone else.

I had 3 different distinct acne issues:

-Excessive sebum in pours leading to blackheads, whiteheads and enlarged pours.

-Cystic Boils

-Acne that would weep, ooze and crust over, cystic, and otherwise (sometimes hot oily boils)

I did the regimine from acne.org for a long while. It cleared up 90% of my acne but came back with avengence when I would stop. My skin also looked pale and unhealthy. I had to stop using the acne.org regimine because my spouse had neck cancer and we removed all carcigens from our environment immediately for his wellness (He is well now after treatment:)! <3)

I would still be using the regimine and feel that it is not good or bad but it simply works and I know having something that works is a huge relief... So if you do continue or even start the regimine for some relief from the acne torture, then props to you!

My acne appeared to be three separate issues, so I will match my solutions and issues so that I can help anyone who has any one of the three acne issues I was dealing with.

1. -Excessive sebum in pours-

Cure: Gluten free diet. Reintroducing gluten to my system brings the gunk in my pours right back. Gluten free processed foods like cereals and bars supplemented by veggies, fruites, nuts and yummy rice dishes are helpful.

Time it took for full results: About 2 months. After I eat gluten, it takes a couple days to get back to normal now.... But the first time around results took 2 months. When I squeeze my pours and I am gluten free, I get no gunk anymore, which is miraculous. The gunk use to create blackheads and white heads eventually... Sometimes would itch. The gluten acted like a plug in my system. I also am more clear headed and my joints feel better being gluten free. Majorly worth it.

2. -Cystic Boils-

One or two Boils a week cropped up after I went gluten free. But they were deeply embedded and also inflamed and bright red on the surface with a tendency to ooze clear fluid if squeezed at first. Later they were full of lots of white gunk that could only be released by pressure.

My Cure: Dairy free. The minute I eat dairy they are back. Not worth it! The gut cannot manage the casien and hormone fluxuations from Dairy. Please read up on it on the net, especially in relation to cystic acne.

Time it took for full results: A week. Easy come (dairy is a habit to kick!). But also easy go.

3. -Weeping Acne that Crusts-

This showed up like an after effect on any acne that would sprout up, worsening the blemish and prolonging the healing process. Even when my Acne disapeared with a dairy free, gluten free diet, my hair follicles would harbor and manifest this phenonena without sebum present. Little prominent oozing bumps made acne free not really acne free

My Cure: Grapefruit seed extract diluted with ponds cold cream and cephalixin face wash. I basically treated this like a bacterial infection that came on secondarily. I use the cold cream now to moisturize and every few times I add the GSE. Once a day or every otherday I wash with cephalexin which is an antibacterial (and when I don't use cephalexin I cleanse with whatever gentel cleanser is with in my reach morning and night)

Time it took to clear up: 2 days. Really quick with the GSE.

Other products I use to help with texture of skin are :

*st. Ives apricot scrub: really feels great and has helped as my body rids the gluten. My pours dryup now being gluten free... But the little bit of natural oils and dead skin cells athay shed are now easily removed with the st. Ives twice a week

*ponds cold cream: Amazing for removing makeup and producing a glow. A little bit goes along way! Really important to remove makeup

Other Notes:

I was a picker... But the picking stopped when the oozing and sebum build up stopped. It's hard to help when your pours itch. I hardy scarred and was lucky. With the scars that were there, I used a skin bleach for a couple weeks (you can get this cream in drug stores). To all those who pick... It's not the only reason you have acne most likely! You may be picking because you want to gunk gone. The gunk may not be showing up necessarily because of the picking!

I do believe in the law of attraction as well and made sure I visualized my skin clear each time I thought of it... OR I would just get off the subject all together. This helped!

Make up: I wore it. Sometimes concealer, and a light foundation and powder when I wantef to look hot as my skin was on the way to clearing up... BUT I rarely do this and with the odd blemish I spot conceal it with a liquid concealer during the day. The ponds brought the glow back eventually and Powder nor foundation is uusually needed.

So this is my regime that saved my LIFE:

(OMG the quality of life is sooo much better)

-Cephalexin wash, gental washes or st. ives scrub used interchangably twice a day

-A dab of cold cream blended onto skin with three drops GSE once a day. Cold cream whenever skin is dry or tight.

-Remove makeup with coldcream as needed and religiously.


I hope this helps someone. I am so happy to answer questions and be of further help if possible....


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