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Skin has been pretty much the same. Will be good for a while then get shit again. Endless repetitive pattern.

Last few months i tried fish [cod liver] oil and Vitamin D, i've never trusted the fish oil but i thought i'd try anyway, it certainly didn't help and if anything my skin was as bad as ever with a few nasty breakouts so i just stopped.

My sleep and digestion has been shit recently so hard to blame any food in particular really.

One thing to note is i have had a few of the nasty cyst/boil type things i tend to get every few months - like red lumps that never come to a head - almost look like bites - i had one near my hairline that luckily faded quicker than usual and now i have 2 near my ear - luckily not really visible because of hair. Almost like they are some kind of allergic reaction maybe. Looks unlikely i'll ever work it out.

My digestion really has gone to hell. I can't seem to digest any carbs, fruit or veg properly apart from pure evil sugar itself. I digest dairy fine but i am not sure i trust it, i always hear people going on about avoiding dairy for your skin.

Just because you have fcuked up digestion and shit skin doesn't mean they are linked - the interenet's favourite saying: correlation doesn't = causation.


Possible reason for cysts/boil type thingies:

Shit sleep. - disrupted circadian cycle etc

Fish oil and/or vitamin D

Had a yogurt

Too much dairy

Had some ice cream.

Saturated fat - dairy fat - had a couple of pizzas.

gut bacteria is fucked

Lectins and all that shizzle[bs]

Had a chocolate chip cake/muffin - god knows what was in it.

GOD only knows.

I might try some kind of Ray Peat bs, basically orange juice, sugar and meat, maybe eggs. Try it without dairy at first, or maybe just whey. Sounds like hell and unlikely i'd stick to it but i'm sick of my fucked up guts and skin and would be interesting to see what happens, apart from dropping dead.


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