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Regimen And Accutane; Can They Work Together?

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Liam Foster


Hello again. So i have my dermatologist appointment tomorrow and given the state of my face currently, he will no doubt want to put me on accutane, which will be my wish also because i really am at the end of my tether. However i have already ordered Dan Kerns' products and am just waiting for the Moisturiser to be delivered so i can finally get started on the regimen. Therefore this got me thinking; can taking accutane and being on the regimen affect the regimen in a way in which it wont be effective? In my personal opinion i don't think it would as Accutane works acne internally whereas the regimen obviously focuses on the external source.

I have heard so many success stories with the regimen i thought why not try it out, since i have literally tried everything else. The only thing i am worried about is when iv'e stopped taking accutane, there is a high chance that my acne will come back. however with me probably still doing the regimen, will that keep the acne away?

Decisions decisions. I am definitely going to do the regimen however accutane is very much likely to happen tomorrow!

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That is Awesome Liam! I think you are on the right track. I use internal medicines ie amoxil & keflex and external creams like benzaclin and tretinoin.

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If you are put on accutane your face will start to dry due to reduction in oil and if you will be using regimen at the same time, which dries you out as well (at the beginning), you are bound to have some problems. I finished accutane and it did not work after I stopped it so the only choice for me was regimen and it does the job amazingly well. If I were you I would not use them together but I might be wrong. Good luck on your journey!

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