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Month 2 (Day 63)



First time writing a blog and wish I had started it sooner. Mainly doing this so I can keep track of my progress.

Basically I first got acne about 4 years ago and it was quite bad, but not cystic. I started antibiotics to help and it got a bit better but took about 6 months to calm down a bit. A little while later I decided to try and clear it up some more as I just wasn't happy with the way my skin was looking. Took more antibiotics and went on Epiduo. It cleared me about 85% and boosted my confidence but it wasn't enough for me. I wanted to be fully clear. I started on Isotrexin (gel form of accutane?) and it helped a lot! I would say in the end I was about 95% clear.

I went to a festival just over 2 months back and didn't wash my face for a week. Got back and then a week later I broke out horrendously on ONE side of my face. I was fed up of having to constantly deal with acne and decided to start on accutane. My doctor started me off on 20mg a day (I weigh 70kg) just to see how I react.

It was fair to say that the aftermath of taking the tablets up to now has been horrendous. I've been breaking out non stop and I would say my acne is 3-4 times worse than it was when I started. I now have spots everywhere, in places i've never had them. I also have lots of cysts that just wont go away, and I have never ever had them before.

My progress has been very dismal. Everytime I think it looks a bit better, a day later it gets a lot worse. I just want to get to the point where it all starts to get better. It's really getting frustrating as I am taking time out of university as I am too embarrassed to go in public. Therefore im falling behind.

  • Day 1 to Day 30: 20mg
  • Day 30 to Day 50: 40mg
  • Day 50 to now: 60mg

No idea how often i'll update.


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