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2 Months 1 Week And 2 Months 2 Weeks



So sorry these are late. College had been kicking my butt!

The first three pictures are from October 24 (2 months and 1 week). The bump on my forehead was terrible and did not go away for a while.

The last two pictures are from October 31 (2 months and 2 weeks).

Aches have still been the worst side affect. My back hurts basically all the time. Can't bend over easily or exercise as much.

Dry skin has been an issue, but not as bad. There are random times where a rash flares up on my arms and it's painful. After putting on a ton of lotion, it usually only lasts a day.

So I've had a bump/lump on my left cheek for a few months now. It isn't big, not that noticeable, and is basically under my skin. It had flared up a few times and I thought it would finally go away, but it hasn't. Has anyone else had this experience?

(Entry photo: Halloween!)