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Retin A - Day 1



I've given up on benzoyl peroxide. It just dries out my skin and leaves a bunch of marks all over my skin. I was hopeful that it would work this time round (for no particular reason other than being sick of breaking out) but it didn't help.

I still have a million little bumps on my forehead. It almost looks like two million right now. Don't know where they came from. But they're still there.

I went to my regular doctor since I still can't find a real dermatologist (and not some quack) and he decided that I should try treninoin...again. But what do I have to lose right? At least I know it will get rid of all the marks that the benzoyl peroxide left behind and I'm getting older so why not start preventing wrinkles.

About three weeks ago I started using this stinky soap with betel leaves and two carcinogens =/ BUT.... it's completely cleared my back and chest and I haven't broken out there since I started using it so my doc said I should continue to use it. It also doesn't completely dry out my skin which is strange for any kind of cleanser that helps my skin in any way. it's cleared most of my skin, and my back and chest aren't only pimple free but the skin feels smooth and soft so that's nice. My shoulders are dry and ashy but whatever... no zits. I think i'm too dark to worry about skin cancer from something that stays on my skin for less than a minute.

My problem right now is the little bumps on my forehead and the hyperpigmentation on my cheeks chin yeah everywhere on my face...eeek!

Speaking of colour... I started using the Jergen's natural glow moisturiser on my legs and thighs since they get no sun and don't match the rest of my body. They still don't match the rest of me after about 2 weeks but the colour is lovely. It's not that dark but it's nice. Don't think I ever mentioned but i'm half Black half Indian (actual Indian not Native American) and I'm mostly brown, I used to look light skinned during the 2 month break from school when I was locked in the house and I've never really been dark although I tan easily. I also burn easily and that's since I've been little before using anything in my skin that someone could attribute my burnability to. Anyway, I hate the sun. And my I wear pants or jeans everyday so they haven't been out in the sun since august 2012... so I was otherworldly pale. Yeah the jergens gives me a nice colour and it smells decent.

Also... yesterday was Diwali and I ate almost no sweets although I spent most of the day making them. I feel so proud of myself and my willpower. Although I didn't quite trust myself and this (newfound) willpower (superpower :P) so most is at my boyfriend's house and the rest went to friends. I've elimated the temptation. Although there is ice cream in the fridge that my mom bought and I noticed the label says vegetarian so I was saying "That sounds interesting. I should try it simply because the concept of vege icecream blows my mind." But what I was really thinking was "OH GOD YESSS YESSS DIARYYYYYY!!! COME TO MAMA"


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