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Day 20



I've mostly stopped seeing improvement. I have two pimples on my upper left cheek and some discoloration on that side. My right side is pretty much all clear. The cluster of three is almost gone. All that's left is some discoloration. Unfortunately, I feel like it is going to take awhile for the two on my left side to go away. The one has been sitting there for over a week and the other is relatively new. Neither will come to a head and it seems like they are immune to the topical medication. With makeup on, none of it is visible, but I am not to the point that I can go without makeup. Maybe in a week and a half (the one month mark), I'll finally be clear. I would post pictures but it seems like the camera makes it look a lot worse than it really is. It picks up every discolored mark, that otherwise isn't visible to the naked eye.