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I have been doing this herbal supplement thing for three weeks all together now which is very early days but I want to log my progress as much as possible so that I can keep track of this.

One thing that I have noticed is that my acne seems a lot more...contained. This happened on accutane. My breakouts would be predominantly around my jawline and chin but they would spread about my cheeks and in the past I get spots on like...the very top side of my nose bridge ALWAYS in the same play like where it connects to the eyebrow. I NEVER break out on my forehead. I NEVER break out on my chin. My 'T Zone' is fine. It's just everywhere else that the frikkin problem.

Anyway, since starting my supplements the breakouts on my cheeks have calmed down. they were spreading up along my cheekbones quite high up but now theyve gone and I'm fading the red marks by putting lemon on my face three times a week (natural acid or something) and sudocrem.

My acne is now pretty much contained to the sides of my chin along my jawline. The right side is still worse than the left.

I feel like maybe my skin is a little less oily? Although I never had huge problems with my skin being oily really, I just don't feel as icky.

I am still eating healthy and running/gymming as much as I can. Gym three-four times a week and the days I'm not at the gym I go for a run. A typical meal for me is spinach, avocado, cucumber, tomato and red onion with tune and egg or maybe chicken and lemon. Banana and wholemeal toast for breakfast. i DO NOT drink soda/coke or anything like that - I never have I hate it. I have cut out milk and just drink water. I am also drinking Peppermint tea as this is meant to be like, a weak anti-androgen.

I'll post some pictures a month in :)

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