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Ten Years Later...



After a very low day, feeling bad about myself, even phoning up sick for work because I felt so low. It was time to go to the doctors, about my acne. On my records, it was 2003 when I first started going, when I was just 13 years old. At 13 it was severe acne, I tried what seemed to be everything, I was referred to a dermatologist through the NHS, first I was put on tropical creams and gels, then anti- biotics. At 15, my acne was as bad as ever and my confidence at an all time low. Doctors wanted me to go on Roacuttane, my mum wasn't keen due to it being linked with depression and I wasn't keen because of monthly blood tests! So I asked to try the pill, they agreed and I was put on dianette, six months later and my skin was clear, calm and better than ever. I was on this for four years. Then as I was on it got a long time, thinking my acne days were over I stopped taking it. It took 1 year for my monthly cycles to come back, which did worry me, but my acne never came back, I was living a healthy lifestyle at the time.

Then not to soon before by 20th birthday, I wasn't really looking after myself, no skincare regime, eating all fatty food so put on weight fast. As a result my acne came back, and I'm a picker so I think that added fuel to the fire! Went back on dianette, then onto yasmin. Which worked just as well for me, skin very clear, all very good. Yasmin did make me feel not myself though, it was strange and I struggle to explain it, I myself think dianette was better for me than yasmin.

Since then I have come of yasmin, for three months and my acne is back, and with this all my bad habits, eating everything and anything, picking my face and back and generally feeling rubbish about myself. Yes it's nothing as bad as it was when I was thirteen but still moderate. As you can see in the attached photos.

So this time I battling the acne with...

- Doctor has prescribed me tetralysal, anti-biotics to take daily.

- Eat a healthy balanced diet too lose the extra weight.



- Only wholemeal carbs.

- Drink eight glasses of water a day.

- Eight hours of sleep a night.

Personal hygiene regimen:

- Cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day.

- Shower once a day, practicing the body regimen for body acne.

NO PICKING, and touching my face or back.

Will log on how I am getting on each week and will hopefully see some positive changes soon.


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