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Week 1 Of Accutane (Claravis) 40 Mg



Have been reading a lot of blogs prior to starting my treatment and thought it would be therapeutic to write about my accutane adventures...

I am a 31 year old female, with mild to moderate, persistent hormonal type acne (pustules/whiteheads mostly located around my mouth and on chin). My acne was controlled on Spironolactone 100 mg daily but was told by my dermatologist last March that I did not need it anymore. Starting in May, I would get one whitehead/pustule a month. In August, I noticed acne occurring with more frequency. I restarted the spironolactone and had a major initial breakout (new pimples in places I did not break out in: R cheek, jawline and temples/hairline in addition to mouth/chin), which has not let up. I tried ziana, acanya, finacea, solodyn, etc. I saw a new dermatologist who immediately recommended Accutane due to my treatment failure. I intially said no, but after much research and the possibility of a complete remission from acne - I changed my mind.

I took my first pregnancy test (I'm on yaz birth control) and that month before the 2nd pregnancy test was painful! I got my prescription last Monday. In the first week, I have noticed mildly chapped lips, some flaky skin easily controlled with cetaphil moisturizing cream. I had a headache for the first two days, which thankfully has subsided. No other side effects for now! In this week, I also noticed that comedones under the skin have been surfacing as whiteheads. My PIH from healing acne is much more pronounced so I am trying my best not to pick....is the redness normal? Anyway, i'll post in another week or so. Hoping this clears up soon and that there is not severe initial breakout. Good luck to everyone out there trying to combat acne!

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Hey! I just started Claravis 20 mg last night, so we are pretty much going to be on the same schedule! I have the same type of acne as yours as well. All the big ones come in around my chin/mouth (of course where people stare the most). But that first month of waiting to start was probably the slowest month of my life! But its finally here and the only side effect I've noticed so far is I had a headache all day (granted its only the first day so it could just all be in my head) Here's to hoping we have a painless and smooth experience!

I'll keep up with your blog, and good luck!! We will finally be acne free SOON :)

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