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Day Four Update No. 2

mr. matt


10:10 p.m. Earlier in the day, I was concerned that perhaps my face was not going to heal as quickly as the three previous 25% TCA peels that I did because my face was still brown and covered, for the most part, with dead skin.

I went online and did some research and remembered that I had not used Aquaphor on my face this time as in the past. I also took two showers with warm water and that helped to loosen up the remaining patches of dead skin that remained.

In addition to the Aquaphor, I found an ointment in the house for burns/wounds and spread this all over my face. Within a couple of hours, the remaining patches of dead skin had sloughed off quite easily.

Even the redness has improved. The only area that has yet to peel is my forehead - hopefully, that too will peel tomorrow.


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