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Day Four Update

mr. matt


4:25 p.m.

My face continues to peel and burn. There are areas that have not peeled at all such as parts of my right and left cheeks along with my entire forehead.

Because of the redness, I decided to do some vinegar soaks and applied the vinegar solution (one cup water + one tablespoon of vinegar) to my face with cotton pads.

I just applied Aquaphor to my face to help keep my skin moist and to help with the healing process.

I did five layers of 25% TCA this time, so I know that the healing process will take longer. Hopefully, my skin will be back to 'normal' by this Monday, November 4th when I have to return to work.

I'm going to take another warm shower this evening and hope that the steam helps to loosen the remaining areas.