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Here's What I Eat For Clear Skin.



FREE Sugars cause acne in me so I eat only foods that contain the least free sugar, while at the same time having the most vitamins and minerals per cup.

So far these are the food I consume.

I eat 2 cloves of raw garlic every morning.

I drink coffee all day with liquid stevia from sweet leaf. Coffee does not break me out at all. Without it, I'd be dead all day.

I only eat chicken and fish like mackerel.

I only eat white long grain enriched rice as my main carb every day.

I only eat dark leafy vegetables as my main vegetables. I believe that dark leafy greens provide all types of vitamins and minerals by themselves so I don't need to eat a lot of vegetables.

I don't eat fruits at all.

In the shower, I use Head and Shoulders Classic Clean all over my face and body because I tend to peel. I think I suffer from seborrhea. So I use the shampoo, and it works. I don't have much dead skin or dry skin after shower.


My chest acne is clear.

My face doesn't break out anymore.

My back only has a few spots that are healing.

Overall I'd say I'm happy with my skin.


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