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Accutane First Appointment!



Hey guys!

So it's been a month since I first went to my Derm and told her I wanted to start accutane. I took a preg test and signed the iPledge and waited a whole month! I got my blood work done today and am just waiting for the OK from my doc to get my prescription.

Again, I'm starting with 20mg a day and slowly working my way up (if I need to). I have mild/moderate acne with mainly small whiteheads and blackheads and sometimes big pustules/cysts around my chin (yay hormones!)

Anyone else going through this same method?

Until next time smile.png


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your acne sounds just like mine.

I'm currently in my second month of accutane. no complaints so far. skin seems to be a little better since beginning, but not completely clear.

good luck!

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I started exactly 19 days ago and yes my acne was very similiar to yours. I am on 40mg but i think it depends on how much you weigh. My acne has definetly changed since i started, i don't believe ive gotten a cyst in the past two weeks and I think my acne heals much faster. Maybe its all in my head but i don't think so. My skin is slightly flaky so find a good moisturizer! My lips just like everybody says are dry lol Good luck with everything and hope all goes well!

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