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Week 18 Or 4 Months And A Bit



Hey, so I thought I would just update since it's been about a month since my last post and I said I would try and do monthly updates as I hate when people just stop blogs and no one knows how they got on in the end..not that this is the end, I'll keep updating every month. Four months of Dianette and Differin.

As far as active acne goes, pretty much none (touch wood) since my last update, apart from a blocked pore sort of spot, only way I can describe it as it wasn't red or inflamed and I could really only feel it, not see it and it wasn't deep under my skin...I did pick at it...bad! I don't usually do that but it ended up a bit red for a couple of days and that is it now going away. I'm still finding the marks and scarring tough sometimes, but the longer I go without a breakout the more comfortable and gentle I am being with my skin. My red marks are fading nicely, just hoping that the scarring evens out a bit, it's really not that bad, just a few marks I can only see it when I tilt the mirror right under my skin under the light..I need to be more kind to myself, but I think everyone is their own worse critic. I'd say I've noticed a big change in the texture of my skin this month, everything is calming down and looks more normal, the redness is less and my skin feels very soft. My routine has changed a bit, but one thing that hasn't is the differin every night and my dianette bcp. I now use a cream cleanser mostly, a gentle lactic acid cleanser once or twice a week and an arbonne moisturiser, I also dot a tiny amount of BP on my forehead and nose, I mean tiny, but it makes a big difference to those little stuborn blocked pores that only I could really see. Once I have cleansed I apply the differin to my cheeks (outside of my cheeks, near my nose is too sensitive) and chin, then a dot of BP on my forehead and nose. I wait half and hour then moisturiser, in the morning I just cleanse and moisturise.

Well that is me at month four, I am getting my confidence back a little bit and when I look in the mirror I can see me again. I'll keep going with this routine and keep you posted on my progress, I hope you're all doing well. :)

Gill x


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Hey, sorry I just seen your message, I never seem to get notifications. Thank you, I sill feel everyday is a wee bit of a struggle, I think once you've had bad acne, you find it hard not to examine every bit of your face! I'm sill doing well, since my last post I've had no new active pimples, except he odd tiny blocked pore. I really think the differin and birth control have worked well. I still feel really unconfident when I go out though, I have a night out tonight and I'm still wishing my skin was a bit better, my redness has fadded a lot but I do have a few pitted scars that I hate and still hope will fill in. How are you getting on?

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Hey I know it is difficult with the scarring, what I find has helped is noticing the amount of people who actually have acne scars even if they are only slight...maybe because I look for them now. My dermatologist said the scars are still re modelling for up to 18 months and over the last month I've noticed them filling in a bit, I think everyone is different, I'm just being gentle with my skin now and hoping it will get to a point where I don't really notice it as much, and since the redness has faded that has helped a lot. That's great about he dianette, it's worked really well for me, although even at three months I did see and improvement but it still took another month or so to totally clear..you need to be a wee bit patient with it. I've not tried zinyert, but differin has been great for me. I found keep a diary week to week helped me see improvement, even on days when I felt I couldn't. I have no side effects from the dianette which has been good. I'm glad my blog has helped out a bit, if anything I would say be patient, you really need to give things a good three months...that was the hardest part for, the waiting. Good luck with everything, if you have any questions...happy to help :) Gill

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