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Day Three

mr. matt


Today is the third day since my 25% TCA peel.

My entire face looks brown and my skin feels extremely dry and very tight. The photo to left will give you an idea of how your skin might look on the third day after a 25% TCA peel. It appears that my skin has aged 50 years or so due to the tightness and wrinkled appearance - perfect for Halloween! saywhat.gif

I expect massive peeling in the next 24 hours or so. I'm taking photos to document this journey.

I read on a doctor's blog that TCA peels cause collagen formation and the development of elastic fibers within the epidermis.

Some people have written me and asked why I am still doing chemical peels after the improvement that I have seen. The answer is simple: this is a maintenance and anti-aging program. Collagen diminishes as we get older and as UVA\UVB rays damage our skin.

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12:34 p.m. My face continues to feel tighter and tighter. I just looked in the mirror and can see the first signs of skin peeling in the nasiolabal area of my face which is a good sign. My face feels very 'crusty' and I expect that I should have massive peeling beginning tomorrow based upon my last three peels. For those of you whose acne and resultant scarring have left you with an uneven skin tone, I have found 25% TCA peels to be very effective for improving this.

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