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Week 2



Day 14 (Tuesday 29th October 2013)

My lips are constantly getting dryer, more like a thick dry layer that’s always there (no matter how much Nivea or lip balm I use). Irritating, but definitely manageable. For the last two days my face (and especially nose) has just been ridiculously itchy (like a hair poking on your skin), which has really not been helping with the whole “no picking” thing. The breakout that I’ve been experiencing seems pretty constant so far – from my research this seems normal to last for the whole first month or so.

I honestly do think that my skin would be looking a hell of a lot better if I hadn’t been picking and touching my face as much, so I am going to try super hard from today onwards to not touch my face at all. I have a desk job, so this will be challenging :P As far as other side effects go, I occasionally get a headache, which is fine as long as I take two Panados (or myprodol if it is a bad one). I’ve also still got the same joint aches that I noticed about a week ago (my wrists, back, neck and legs feel a bit tender all the time). Although I am still experiencing a breakout currently, I have noticed that my pores in unnaffected areas do look and feel a bit more refined.

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I've noticed my nose gets itchy when it is dry on the inside. It gets to be especially a problem in the night because I will wake up to an extremely itchy nose. I've found that rubbing Aquaphor inside my nose every 3 or so days will prevent this.

Not sure what kind of lip stuff you're using, but Aquaphor has worked the best for me there as well.

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