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Approach: Hormonal




Everyone is saying it's just hormones (everyone being random people)...

But from that perspective I have tries some things in conjunction with Candida diet and it has helped. If you think of all the added hormones in meat, dairy and water these days it's not unlikely to effect us in some way.

Evening Primrose Oil- not an old lady'a oil. Apparently our hormones ARE MADE UP OF this type of oil- all women should be on it (pre-menstrual to post-menopausal).

Chaste berry (Agnus Castus): natural hormone regulator (not hormone mimmicer which can be dangerous of we don't know what our hormone levels are- get a blood test done). I like this herb, I have noticed a more regular cycle. Not to be taken whilst you are menstruating.

Hormone re-balancing takes long: 3 months min to start seeing results... it has to get into your system.

Men HAVE HORMONES. Can I just say this. Which means men can be affected by crazy amount of hormones in our food and water. Therefore this approach is not for women only. Tribulus terrestis (don't quote me, it's something like that) is available from natural sources for balancing male hormones. By the way did you know women have small amount of testosterone (male sex hormone) and men have small amount of oestrogen (female sex hormone-loose definition). Generated in liver (back to conversation of liver maintenance and candida), and get this, adrenal-glands! So a systemic approach of 'which system is struggling' seems more effective, instead of which symptom needs quenching.

Progesterone: progesterone deficiency can lead to depression, acne, poor hair and skin quality in general. See: http://www.naturone.com/ they are trying to sell you a product but they have loads of information. I tried this cream and I felt much less scratchy in general.

main natural source: wild yam

Please send feedback! Any contradicting/ confirming articles/ studies very welcome.


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