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Approach: Candida



I have had acne since I was 16ish and I'm now 21...

I have heard that Racutane (spelling?) has been taken off the shelves due to TOO MANY LAW SUITS FOR LIVER FAILURE. I am all for practicality though, so if generic (ALOPATHIC) medicine can cure acne with NO side effects then lets do it. But because I want to go into Natural Medicine with a Medical background I want to give it a shot naturally first.

I went to a kinesiologist when I was 18ish and she said CANDIDA. I have just completed a 60 day full-on candida treatment and my skin has not looked this healthy ever. I am still breaking out. And still figuring out. But I have a glow (?) and much less infection, many of have noticed and its not due to too much oil tongue.png So here are the places I have discovered need attention with skin in general:

LIVER... racutane (?) mimics Vit A which is need for skin repair. However if Liver is not functioning properly it cannot process vit A (therefore overdose and liver failure... hence no more raccutane)

Candida (yeast fungus in intestines caused by many things including stress, sugar overload, acidity, contraceptives, too much antibiotics, anxiety) takes over in the intestines and lets off ethanol (alcohol) as by-product- where is alcohol detoxed out of body?Liver. Acne is one of the LAST symptoms of candida and therefore you have to have it a long time before you start breaking out... therefore significant liver damage can occur.

LIVER DETOX: research these things:

milkthistle (Cleanes out)

dandelion (good for detox in general)

kudzu (replenishes liver)

Helichrysum (anyone in South-Africa.. its a Trad African herb and is wonderful)

activated charcoal (draws out toxins)

psylium husks (colon cleanse)




NO TRANS FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ie. nothing fried

NO DAIRY (makes too much mucous)

coconut oil is great

NO CAFFEINE (Coffee, chocolate, cococola)


Candida diets are available all over web. GET BLOOD TEST TO CONFIRM. DO NOT TAKE ANTIBIOTICS- it will make it worse.

make sure you take probiotics on the diet.

Please, anyone with more natural research (for or against) I'm really keen to hear!


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