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I've had acne since the age of 12, now I'm 24 years old and it has been a consistant struggle in keeping it under control. I used Dan's BP for about 4 years and it worked great, it was the first thing that ever had worked for me. It kept my skin very clear most of the time but around this last April I had to stop using it because it was really drying out my skin to the point where it would crack and hurt. I also developed sensitivity to it, my skin would be red all the time :-/ So I was sad that it was the end of BP for me. THen I had the most horrible breakout of my life eusa_wall.gif terrible cystic acne that started around my chin gradually spreading to my jawline then my forhead and moving towards my cheeks, even my nose, a place where I never used to have any breakouts. I'm sad to see how much scarring has been done since April.

I went to the dermatologist and he is going to put me on Accutane and currently waiting for all of that pregnancy clearance and iPledge thingy. I started the process on 10/08 but I'm not sure how long it'll take since I ended up switching to a different dermatologist while this process was going on. For now I'm on Amoxocillin and a Clindamycin topical while I wait.

I am nervous and scared to start this since I've read all the side effects and mishaps that can happen while on this drug. All I can do is to be positive during the treatment because I believe the way you think can affect how your body feels. So why not have a positive and a good determined attitude? smile.png I hope this helps my acne because I know that if I don't do something drastic about it my skin will just keep scarring and scarring beyond repair.


Hey, same boat here. I just started Clarus for my 2nd time around. I highly recommend keeping a log because sadly, I totally forgot what my 1st time was like and I'm glad I had my log to jog my memory. People here are nice. I hope you're one of the many who start a log, have the drug work and simply disappear from this site forever.

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