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Day 14



It's been two weeks now and I have come to the conclusion that I probably could have lost 50 pounds faster than get rid of acne. I've been dealing with this for over a year. When it comes to weight or most other "health conditions", we have some degree of control. For instance, if you are over-weight, with enough determination, a diet and exercise can help you get back to a healthy weight. The unfortunate thing about acne is that we have absolutely ZERO control over it. You can make as many lifestyle changes as you want: dieting, exercising, being clean, but it really doesn't matter. A good mindset and determination really doesn't matter in the long run. It will not defeat your acne. It's really unfortunate and it hurts like hell that I realized this. Knowing there really isn't much I can do is just depressing. I'd still say I'm 75% clear. My skin is super dry, itchy, and irritating. Sure, I'll stick with it because it's all I've got, but I'm not sure if it will be worth it. My left side has about three pimples. One isn't red at all, so it isn't even visible except when you touch it. The other two are incredibly small and it will probably go away soon. The hyperpigmentation looked like it was getting better for awhile in that area but now I am not so sure. I stopped seeing improvement. My right side has one really stubborn pimple and a couple of "questionable spots".

I'm extremely exasperated because my acne is mild. I saw drastic improvement the first week and now it stopped and is back to "normal". I thought I could get rid of this fast, but obviously I can't. I am not optimistic at all. It doesn't seem fair that I should have to wait 3-4 months just to get rid of "mild" acne. I feel like I am always going to live with this and it won't get better for me. If that's the case, I don't know how to live with myself. Clear skin is just an unachievable dream. I don't even remember what it was like...


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