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Regime/routine After 2 Weeks

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I have been on:

Vitex/Agnus castus for 2 weeks.

Saw Palmetto for 9 days.

Primrose oil for 10 days.

Zinc for 10 days.

Omega 3 for a month.

I am also using Zineryt on my face (topical antbiotic - not sure how well it's working) and I am also drinking Peppermint tea as this is supposed to act as an anti-androgen.

So far:

Side effects wise I havn't really experienced anything. Skin is no worse ... definatley some improvment especially on my left side - right side relativley the same. My skin does feel less oily. I suppose it is too early to tell. I have noticed that after taking saw palmetto sometimes I can feel nauseous and head-foggy (not really a head ache..more like a distant pressure) but thats only happened once or twice and doesn't happen every time I take it.

these things take time ! I'll keep logging progress - I guess I need at least a month to see any sort of effect

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