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The Nightly Routine: Getting There



So I figured I'd post something of my nightly routine, as I have exciting news due to my nightly routine coming soon! I've actually been pretty much dedicated to a simple nightly routine for 2 months now. I start off by using Dr Bronners Soap in Citrus, the liquid not bar, and clean off any and all makeup with that. I either do this in the shower, I take one every other day for a specific reason as I'll mention later, or at the sink on nights I don't shower. If I'm showering I use my Clarisonic Mia to really get the grime off and open pores for my Sulphur wash. This is easier to do at the sink, the sulphur wash, as it says to massage it in and almost use it as a mask. But I use it in the shower too just to ensure I do it.

Finally, I pay my skin dry and get set on my three final steps for the night. First I use two-three drops of Estée Lauder ANR. I don't know if I've really seen any difference due to this, I've been using it since the last days of August, but I keep up with it as it will do me good in the future. Then I use three pumps of my Nuetragena Rapid Tone Repair. This stuff works really fell for faint red marks that need clearing. I love it. Second time buying, bought it when it first came out because of a sunburn that had left a nasty red mark, and I am thinking of getting the daily one to go with the nightly. Then, last but not least, I use food grade Aloe Vera as a moisturizer and rub! rub! rub! This stuff makes you dewy and glowy in the morning if you rub it in well. I actually try massaging my face for a bit before bed to help too, hopefully or else I just look like a fool.

Anyways feel free to catch my next blog posts coming up with my exciting skin news, tomorrow's dermatologist appointment, and all the fun stuff that comes with wanting perfect skin!



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