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Day 13

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Earlier today I only had two existing pimples. One of them is more like a clogged pore. Anyways, I was able to go some of the day without makeup on even with my roommate and her friends in the room. I spent most of the day doing homework so I wasn't really focused on my face. I went to the gym around 7 and just got out of the shower. Maybe it's the lighting or maybe it's just the effects of the shower, but I feel like my face got worse in a matter of hours. Of course, maybe I am just overreacting. My face is a lot more red and blotchy as opposed to before when I literally only had one red spot. There is a weird flat pimple forming somewhat close to my nose. And I felt a new bump on my left side. I just want this to be over! I'm on medication so I figured I wouldn't get any new breakouts. Guess I was wrong.

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