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Epiduo Week 2

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It's been a little over 2 weeks now that I've been using Epiduo, and the dryness has eased up a bit. It's still really dry but I just have to moisturize really good. Also, it has given me a very painful, very itchy, very red rash on my chest. Like it's uncontrollably itchy and has been for about 2 days now and it seems like my skin is tearing off.....which is not good. It seriously looks disgusting and it's freaking me out that it's not going to go away. Soooo.....I'm gonna stop using it on my chest. My face or back so far hasn't had that reaction thankfully. Also, nothing really looks better...my chest has gotten worse, my back is the same, and my face is a little better, but not much. We shall see.

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