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Accutane Journey - 5 Weeks



So it's been a little over 5 weeks since I started. Really not much new since last time I updated on here. Have had a few active pimples in the last week. I can't help but to squeeze them if they have a head and then I am really bad about picking the scab and dry skin the follows. This leads to red marks and prolonged healing of skin. I know I shouldn't do it, but I just can't help myself!

On a good note, my pores do seem to be smaller than when I began! rolleyes.gif


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Same problem haha its so bad because they used to heal faster like that but now my skin is extra sentitive i guess and its leaving a huge red mark lol gotta control myself

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Are you still on Accutane? Would love to hear how you're going!

Yes, I'm still chugging along. Next week will mark the end of my third month. Not much has changed since I last updated. My hair is crazy dry and brittle. Been a little disappointed this week because I've had like 6 deep, red pimples which seems like a step back in progress. I'm a little skeptical that this stuff is going to work...guess we'll see. Thanks for checking in!! Glad to know somebody out there was looking out for me smile.png

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