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Week 6 And 7



Week 6: I feel a little better this week. This cyst are dying down and my jawline doesn't hurt as bad. I had a mini breakout on my right cheek. Good news is I tried out mineral makeup and actually like it! I do dream of the day when makeup won't be a "chore" but fun and girly like it use to be!

Week 7: things seem to be looking up! I don't want to get to excited just I case I go through another horrible purge. I am still getting mini whitehead break outs. (They pop up over night and then clear up that day) still have a few cyst but not as bad as week 5. Been thinking about adding aha? I haven't been taking any pictures of myself every week. it really started to make me upset and discourage me. I think I might take pictures every 3rd or 4th week so I can actually see improvement. I hope I'm on the home stretch....


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