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Roaccutane/accutane Treatment: Week Eight

I almost forgot to post this, but then I remembered, TWO MONTHS! YAY!!!

So, two months on Roaccutane. Hopefully it's going to be uphill from here on out. You'd be surprised to know that I finally got my script sent out, but it's the WRONG DAMN SCRIPT. So it will probably be another 6-10 years before the correct one will arrive. So, I'm still on 60mg.

My skin isn't looking too bad at the moment. It is definitely smoother, for sure. I'm very, very dry all over my body though. My arms, my legs, my hands, my face. Every where. It's really gross but there's not much I can do but smother myself in moisturizer. My side effects are still there. Dry lips, fragile skin, very sensitive to the sun.

I just want my derm to hurry up and send me out the extra 10mg, so I can get into it properly.

My body acne is SLOWLY going away. I thought that would've been the first to fix up, but it's defiantly not going as fast as my face is. My confidence is gradually coming back. I'm so untanned from wearing long sleeve shirts all the time, that my whole body just looks like one big ombre. It's going to be a while before I'm comfortable enough to wear singlets in public again.

Anywho, I'm not sure why but these pictures make my skin look a bit worse than it is. Hopefully I'll have my good camera back next week so you can get a proper idea of what's going on.




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oh, you poor thing, your skin is so dry! I've finished 5 weeks and the only visibly dry skin I've had is my elbows.

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