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Help With Cystic Acne

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Hi everyone, i'm 17 turning 18 in a couple months and i've always had pimply skin since i was 11. Before i'd always get these normal sized pimples with some pus but i was used to them, but recently because of stress i think i haven't been taking good care of my skin or eating healthy and i've started getting these huge cystic pimples. i get them on my chin and my temples. the hugest one right now is the size of a coin and it's really making me nervous. it doesn't hurt anymore at all but the bump is still obvious.. it's just a big, soft, gooey sac and it's starting to darken in color. when i touch it i feel so tempted to pop it, but i know i shouldn't. there's soooo much pus in it i'm sure.. i don't know what to do.. it's been two months almost and when it started getting soft i was so happy i thought it would die down, but NO. it's stayed soft for a while, and there are no changes. i've tried to steam it, hot compress, dab it with apple cider vinegar, honestly nothing has helped. i currently live in an area where there is no dermatologist nearby and i just really dont' have to time and luxury to see one. basically i just need to know if it will go away on its own, it you guys say it will, then i'll feel a lot better. let me know if this is something you've experienced and if so, please share with me what you do to help speed up this process!!!!!

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