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Deciding To Start This Acne.org Regimen

After having moderate cystic acne on my face and back since elementary school (I'm now nearly 21), I had just accepted it as a part of my body. I had found makeup that covered pretty well, I washed my face, put whatever acne meds the derm gave me (that didn't work) on my face every night, and went on with life. Except that every single day, every single time I looked in the mirror I hated that it was something I had to deal with. I hated caking on makeup. I've been made fun of since 2nd grade when kids asked what was on my face, then middle school when me and my best friend's nicknames were pimp and le (get it??) even come to find out by my managers behind my back at a previous job. The list goes on. It's tough having acne! If you are reading this chances are you know this feeling too. I can't help the way my skin looks anymore than I can help that my eyes are brown. Or can I??! I came across the regimen about 3 weeks ago on youtube and just couldn't believe it. But after doing A TON of research into it, I am extremely excited to give this a try. Do I even dare to wish for amazing skin, clear skin, skin I can't remember ever having in my lifetime. I can only pray! and slather on Benzoyl Peroxide eusa_pray.gif hahah. So every so often I will be blogging on here talking about what I am going through with this regimen and adding my experience to the long list of ones I read when deciding to start this regimen and hopefully help you out :) I will also be adding pictures to my gallery every 2 weeks to track my progress.


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I'm so glad to hear you had good results! I'm hoping I do too! I am finishing up week 2 tomorrow :) so far so good. Okay I will thank you! I'm trying to get the flakiness under control by not using an SPF moisturizer anymore. I think that was a big mistake lol.

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I just want to say good luck and no matter what happens just push through! I decided to start the regimen after seeing it on YouTube too! I'm on week 7.5 and just now starting to get clear. I'm so glad I did and it will definitely work for you!

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Thank you for the encouragement!! I definitely am planning on sticking with it for the long haul. I have nothing to lose because nothing else worked lol. I'm so happy for you that you're getting clear!! That's amazing :)

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