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Alcohol And Accutane?



Hi all! Well I'm on day 5 of accutane and not much to update. I drank over a gallon of water yesterday and staying hydrated seemed to help with the headaches. I am feeling dry and sensitive. I'm now using cetaphil cleanser to wash my face instead of exfoliating.

One question I have for you all is if anyone drank alcohol while on accutane? My derm never mentioned anything about it, but I know the drug can be hard on your liver. I usually drink a glass of wine or beer every night, but I haven't since starting treatment. Any advice would be helpful! smile.png

I'll throw in a progress picture too. My forehead is completely clear today, so that makes me happy! My scars are the worst part.

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ahhhhh don't do ittttt...as in don't drink while on accuatne! you already know the drug is hard on your liver and alcohol is another drug that's hard on your liver so it's like...a double whammy to your poor liver D;

I'm not implying that you're drinking all day errday but in general you should steer clear from alcohol while on accutane to minimize the abuse on your liver @___@;; one of my friend's doctor totally told her to lay off the alcohol while she was on accutane as well D:

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