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2Nd Month On Tri Sprintec For Acne

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I have started my second month on tri sprintect for acne and I am now in my first week of the second month. I went through a terrible initial break out the first month...like very bad. As it seems to be getting a little better I am still getting new ones each day. Wondering if this is still normal and if I should keep going on tri sprintec. I am also wondering if anyone has experienced their skin burning or tingling while on tri sprintec? It seems so much more sensitive. I am also using Aczone for spot treatment. Please any insight if anyone else has experienced these things while taking tri sprintec. And if they have had good outcomes in the end.

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Hey I've been on Sprintec for almost 3 months now. It didn't clear me up completely (like acanya and atralin did), but for me, it got rid of most of the hormonal acne I had around my chin within a month. I did experience an initial breakout but it didn't last too long. But I guess it's different for everyone. I would advise staying on it for at least three-four months before you quit. It takes time to work. Anyways, best of luck and I hope this helps :)

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