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Here Goes Nothing!



Well, I guess I'm officially a blogger! This site really helped me decide to go forward trying accutane, so I decided I would document my journey as well.

I will start by noting that I have suffered with somewhat mild acne for 11 years. I'm now 23 years old and have tried pretty much everything to clear up my face. I have taken a few different antibiotics, prescription creams and gels, hormonal drugs, proactiv, chemical peels, expensive clairisonic brushes, home remedies, and over the counter products. Accutane is my last resort.

So far I have had two negative pregnancy tests, taken the online tests, and promised that I would not conceive a mutant baby while on accutane. I picked up my prescription and am now on Day 3 of treatment. I'm taking the brand Absorica to be exact 40mg once daily. I'm not sure if it is too early to have side effects, but so far I have had some mild headaches and I do feel drier.

Also I am terrified at the idea of the initial breakout! Has anyone gotten lucky and not had one with this drug? I would love any feedback anyone has to offer!


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I'm on a week and a half and felt mild headaches and slight dryness as well when i first started. I'm hoping i dont get an IB either so ill keep you posted. I also just started a blog too

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Hi I wish you look your acne seems similar to mine, I am just about to start accutane and doing as much research as I can! Can I ask is your skin really oily to begin with like really bad or jus a little , that's one thing I'm worrying about my skin is not that oily so I worry I'm gunna dry it out 2 much xx

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Hi there. I am taking Accutane right now and have been for about 5 weeks. There was one point in the last month where I felt pretty down about my skin. It seemed to be worse than normal a few weeks ago (so about 3 weeks into treatment). At the time, I didn't think it was bad enough to be labeled as an initial breakout (IB), but now that I look back at it, it could have been. My skin is looking pretty decent right now, except for a few small spots still popping up here and there.

I had some headaches the first few weeks, but they seem to have gone away. Make sure to drink a ton of water. Being dehydrated and on this drug could probably create some terrible headaches.

I have been blogging about my experience, so perhaps take a look there to see what may happen to you.

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Hey good luck with the Accutane! Your acne looks similar to mine too. I'm 24 and again have been battling acne with many treatments for many years. I haven't started Accutane yet but am currently in the process of seeing if I can get a derm to prescribe me a course.

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