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Day 9

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Patience is the worst part of this whole process. My left side is clear. YAY but i have to give it more time before all the discoloration fades. I'm really annoyed with this one dark spot on my forehead. I never break out there but I did about two weeks ago and the one mark STILL hasn't faded. My right side still has some work to do. On the bright side, most of the discoloration is gone except in a few areas. I still have that weird cluster but they have decreased in size significantly and with only a little amount of makeup it's barely visible. The only problem I have is the pimple I got on my upper cheek. It looked like a typical whitehead and I made a mistake by squeezing it. Absolutely nothing came out. It isn't filled with anything! It doesn't hurt at all, it was just a random raised bump. Only now part of the skin peeled off and it almost looks like a raised scab and it's really gross and it took a lot of concealer to cover it. If it wasn't for that, I am happy with the progress I am making. Maybe next week my posts will be more happy and optimistic. Unlike most of the members on this site, I promise to check in every week or so, once I get clear skin. I want to help and encourage anyone I possibly can because I know how tough it is.

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