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My Accutane Journey - Week 5 - First Post




So after trying EVERYTHING for my skin I started taking accutane & I am currently on my 5th week.

I wanted to do this blog because I have been reading other peoples and have found them so supportive and insightful so I hoped to post one in the hope I could help some other people. It wasn't an easy decision to start accutane - everytime a doctor suggested me seeing a dermatologist I knew the outcome would be accutane so I wanted to be sure I had tried everything before I started this drug. On the day I went to the dermatologist I had gotten up that morning and burst into tears because of how bad my skin looked. My mum had had enough of seeing me like that and booked me in privately to see someone that night. I know I'm very lucky as the NHS waiting lists can be months. As soon as I got to the dermatologist he said the only thing that would even touch my acne was accutane so I agreed and started the tablets the very next day. I knew I was in for a very long and possibly quite tough journey.

I am currently on a 30mg/day dose and have been since I started.

Side effects I have had upto now:

I had a massive breakout in the 3rd & 4th week, I had cysts on my cheeks and forehead.

In the first couple of weeks I had really itchy palms and they were red blotches as well but that seems to have gone now.

Dry skin and dry lips but its not too much to deal with. I've found that burt bee's lip balm is amazing and I use a cetiphil moisturiser.

My vision can get kinda blurry.

I've also noticed that I'm reaaaaaally thirsty all the time.

I always make sure to drink loads of water and take my tablets with my evening meal. I'm now in my 5th week and my skin is clearing up amazingly well. I had a massive cluster of acne on my chin which has almost disappeared and my skin feels really smooth in the places I no longer have spots. Don't get me wrong, my skin is a long way from being clear, I still have about 27 spots on my face but they are nothing like the cysts I used to have.

I'll be posting again soon, if you have any questions please ask rolleyes.gif


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Hey I felt the same way as you at first, didn't want to go on accutane but decided it was worth a shot. I'm on like a week and half. Good Luck!

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I'm on my 5th week too! And like, you my skin is better, but still a ways from being perfectly clear (fingers crossed I'll one day get there).

Best of luck!

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