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Diet Etc



most people are now aware of the part that diet and digestion play in acne. if you aren't I suggest you to read up on it. if you are often ''backed up'', like i was for years but never realised until recently, this is likely the cause of your acne because your body can't eliminate toxins any other way but through the skin. As a result I have now got many food intolerances that trigger my acne. So fixing my diet and ''going regulary'' have really helped clear me up alot.


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I'm glad you have cleared up. Perhaps it is the type of food you are eating that has helped your acne, rather than being "regular". What have you done to make yourself more regular?

I am not saying your theory is wrong, but there are also other causes of acne. Diet, hormones, etc.

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im not fully cleared up yet unfortunately! to be honest apart from the usual fresh fruit and veg there hasnt been any food that has helped me stay clear, its about what i avoid. i now have many intolerances, when ever i eat them i can feel my skin tingle and it starts to itch. ive also had to quit weight lifting and along with it the high protein diet which has made a huge diiference in my skin. if you exercise rather intensively(15 minute runs work for me) every 2 days and make sure you get the right vitamins and minerals into your body you should go often :) if i dont ''go'' for a day or 2 i get a few cysts on my face and neck. have you checked for food allegies yourself?

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