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The Regimen - Day 56



So I feel like i've hit a brick wall. Lately the past week or so my skin has been going crazy with pimples.. and i'm not happy with the way my skin looks.. I have slight pigmentation on my left cheek.. I remember squeezing some pimples there and once they healed I got some slight brownish-like textured pigmentation on that area... I am pretty down in the dumps my skin looks really bad sad.png I was really happy in the first month of the regimen dispise all the flakiness... -sigh- I really don't like the look of my skin at all.. It has a lot of zits over it, id say around 7 of them I think.. (for me its alot sorry if I just offended anyone) I kind of feel like it's in the state it was before I even started the regimen. -sadface- only with some pigmentation... ugh well I literally feel like crying I feel like i've had enough! My skin was sooo flawless when I started doing this, and now that my skin is used to the BP it doesn't seem to be doing much...

Well I just went out and brought me some gamma hydroxy made by the skin doctors.. It contains Aha's and Bha's so I'm going to lay off the BP and just use this for a week and see how I go.. Maybe use BP during the day and this at night as i've heard it can be oily! Plus it says to slowly work your way into twice daily anyway.

Hopefully this can improve the texture of my skin! It kind of looks really horrible compared to others with flawless skin sad.png Damn them...

I feel like crying. Im sick of crying over my face! I just want to rip the skin off it and let it grow back!!!!


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