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Day 62!

Woah, I can't believe I've been doing epiduo for 62 days - at least I think I have, maybe I've counted wrong.. anyway, get ready for super positive update!

For maybe the last week or so, I've seen a huge improvement in my skin - before it was gradually getting clearer, but still with new, large spots every day in my cheek and jaw areas. But in the last week, those spots have become much smaller and less frequent, and I no longer have horrible itching or random swelling on my face. Every morning when I wake up after applying the epiduo the night before, I can see the red marks and dry, flaky blemishes fading and falling away, and my skin is now the softest it's ever been (since I was a child I guess!). I still have a few dark marks, but I can see that they're fading already, and the surface of my skin is totally smooth. And the lack of big, painful spots on my cheeks and jaws means I've been able to just keep my fingers away from my face and let it heal, which has definitely helped a lot!

I'll upload pics when I can, but for now I just wanted to record how confident and happy I feel with my skin - I even went clubbing last night and didn't even feel the need to wear makeup, because my skin looked softer and healthier without it! It's been hard being patient with the treatment, and there were definiely times when I thought that the epiduo just wasn't doing anything to help me, but combined with the doxycycline I've had amazing results - if someone had told me when this started that in 62 days I'd be the happiest I've ever been with my skin, I wouldn't have believed them, but here I am smile.png

I hope you guys are feeling great, regardless of how your skin looks today!


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I just began on epidou ad doxycycline yesterday. Was there an initial breakout in the beginning using the epidou. Because i woke up this morning and noticed my face broke out even more is this normal?

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Hey :) I think when I started with the epiduo it took about a week for my skin to change really at all, and even then I still had a ton of acne that would keep developing every day and night. Initially the epiduo can burn a lot and irritate your skin so that it ends up looking way angrier and worse than before. For the first couple of weeks I couldn't really tell the difference between the acne I had before treatment and any initial breakout that might have been happening, because to my eyes it all just looked terrible. Not fun!

However, I'd really recommend sticking with it, being patient and trying to be as kind to your skin as possible (that means no picking/squeezing if you can help it!). Especially combined with the doxycycline I'd say you have a really good chance of getting cleared up within the 3 month period they recommend - your skin takes a long while to adjust and respond to acne treatments, and if you can manage to get to about 8 weeks of continuous treatment, you'll start to see *major* improvements. My skin today, after less than 3 months of epiduo, and less than 2 months of doxy, is totally smooth, with no flakes, no active spots, and only the faintest red marks - I literally notice every day how great my skin is looking, and am *sooo* grateful for it! And I'm sure you can get to that point too.

Good luck with your treatment, and if you have any other questions just holla :)

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