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Zyderma: Over A Month And Still Working



Well, it's been over a month now and I'm still happy with the results. No breakouts since I started. Had a few small blemish as reported earlier, but they disappeared within 2-3 days. Skin feels much healther (smooth and soft... and not dried out). Surprisingly, the bottle I ordered still has cream left in it. Goes a long way as it spreads well and doesn't take much to cover the affected area.

I'll continue to use Zyderma on a maintenance basis, but I'm going to try minimizing use to only once a day (in the morning, after my shower). Curious to see if my skin is healthy enough to last a full day. The microsilver should last that long provided I don't rub, or wipe it off. Plus it'll make the product last a lot longer. Will report any changes.


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