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Week 1 In The Books!

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So i took my seventh dosge of 40mg of isotretinoin and I know its way too early to have felt any real side effects but ill give you guys a recap of how my week went.

Well the first day i took it i felt alittle off but that was it.

I can't tell if my face is progressively getting drier from the colder weather or the accutane (mostly likely both lol) but its not too bad. I did notice flaking which in spots i normally dont get. My lips are a tiny bit drier each day but not bad yet. It did kind of sting when i ate a salad with balsamic vinegar on it though lol

Ummm i can tell my eyes are slightly drier because of my contacts. It gets worse at night but not bad enough were i have to take them out.

Can't really tell of any less oil production yet.

No IB.... YET! I did get a cyst near my jaw. And my acne is definitly different. When i used to pop a pimple it would heal basically over night, but i tried to pop these two cysts since they came to a head and barely any thing came out and now they have scabs like ive never had before which is very weird. Good lesson to just leave them alone while on accutane. Let me know if any of you had expereince this change in healing when you went on accutane.

I drank twice.. not as much as usual, i kept it down, one night just a drink and two beers, and another just 5 beers.

I was extremely stressed from school so i smoked 3 ciggarttes in the past two days, one yesertady and two today.

But other than me being stupid, so far so good. I hope i don't have an IB right before this concert im going to on the weekend lol

I'm really hoping after these two cysts clear up ill just be acne free forever!!! haha wouldnt that be great but i'm sure the IB will come sooner or later. I will keep you guys posted!

Oh yeah and I've been eating pretty healthy, i think that is a key component in having clear skin. Eat ALOT of fiber and vegetables!

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Thanks for your comment. It's nice to know somebody is out there reading and might benefit from my posts. Good luck with Accutane and school! I'll look for your future blog updates :)

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