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So I Was Suppose To Start Accutane

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So as we all know Accutane is hard to get on and get a prescription for. I have gone through several different trails of antibiotics and what not for my acne that had just started and has been getting worse constantly. My doctor agreed to start the accutane but come to find out a month later for my visit to get my prescription they had never registered me and did nothing with the pregnancy test I had done.

Has anyone had this issue??

I was suppose to start my accutane today...and now I have to wait a whole other month before I can start...

Is there anything I can do to get around this? my actual derm handed me the prescription for the accutane to start so she was completely oblivious to the fact that I was not even registered and they came back to tell me nothing had gone through

after waiting a month...

I'm just tempted to buy the accutane online which I know is a stupid idea, I just wish there was something I could do to speed this month up after already waiting a whole month and expecting my skin to start getting better.

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Even if you have the prescription, you still have to be registered in iPledge for the pharmacy to fill the prescription. The pharmacy has to check the iPledge system, either online or by phone, before they will give you the drug.

I would be pretty mad if this happened to me. There really is no excuse for them not registering you around the time of your first visit. There are strict regulations and deadlines every month to get your refill and if your doctor can't be trusted to hold up their end, you should consider switching doctors.

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