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Day Twelve

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Hi peeps!

So... yesterday I woke up with a few little raised bumps around my mouth here and there, with a few tiny whiteheads. Plus, I had two large-ish nodules/pimples on either side of my nose right under my eyes from the day before. I panicked, then tried not to panic. And then calmed down, and went about my day! Hahahaha!

I mean.. obviously it makes me nervous. But I honestly have so much faith in what I'm doing, I just told myself "this part of the process is necessary. Everything will be fine! It will clear up! YOUR SKIN IS ADJUSTING!" And it sort of made me less anxious, and then as I got started on my day, I just kind of forgot.

Today I woke up, and the two pimples on either side of my nose do not hurt anymore and are going down. Also, the raised bumps have gone down significantly, and are skin coloured. They don't hurt and aren't noticeable unless I get really close up. The whiteheads are gone.. besides one that's losing it's whiteness. LOL.

Beside all this, my skin is looking pretty healthy. I remember on the regimen, I used to wake up with such dry skin. It would be so tight when I would open my mouth to eat! I hated it. I hated every minute of it. At least now, my skin is hydrated.

Still not too much oil production. I think my skin has always been pretty balanced with oil.

ACTUALLY! My forehead was kind of oily when I woke up this morning, but I cured that with a square of TP. Hahahaa.

Anyway.. I hope everyone is doing well. Will update soon!

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