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Hellloooo everyone biggrin.png

First of all I would like to say, that I'm so grateful to this community, and I'm so happy that I've found this website.. I like the way you're sharing feelings, pics, experiences etc, it's making me (and i guess a lot of people) feeling much better, feeling comfortable and not feeling alone with all this acne.

I'm a 17 y/o boy and I've been suffering from acne since I was approx. 14 y/o. It's very hard for me writing this, and tears come to my eyes because before acne came to me, I had the BEAUTIFULIEST face - I swear and comparing nowadays pics with the old ones makes me feel so bad, and just thinking "Why me" .... Most of the people in my class in school have a very smooth skin, and just a little amount have mild acne, and then there is me :(

I've tried a lot of products including Dalacin, Clindoxyl, a lot of other product I don't know what is called in english. Im currently on Erythromycin pills (2x250 mg per day) - and I have been taking these pills for approx 15 days I guess. I don't really know if they have helped so far, I guess a bit on my cheeks, but not a huge difference. When I was younger in the start of my acne process i scratched it a very lot, because it was so new to me, and didn't really know how to treat it, no advice was given. This has resulted in, that i have lots of scars, especially on my chin and cheeks, and I HATE it :(

I just felt sharing my experiences with you guys, and i REALLY love how open you are, and I would be aswell. I have never told any about my acne experiences, and how bad i felt about it.. sad.png And sorry for my bad english..

- Joy4ever


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i can definitely relate to you Joy4ever. i constantly feel like that around my classmates. sad.png

It sucks so badly.. When I am looking at my classmates I am wondering often about how it is possible to have a smooth skin as that - it just seems unimaginable for me having a smooth skin. I go to bed every afternoon with the hope of, that I am waking up clear of acne - unfortunately it never happens :(

But hang in, niklaus, I really know it feels like, and how bad a mood u can get in.. we're a lot of people in the same boat

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I was on minocyclin for a year. I am not a good pill taker, so I was not consistent in taking them. Initially though, I was. Pills just like topicals, do not work right away. Your body has to get use to the drug, and you are of course not going to see results right away. I didn't not notice any significant changes until 2 months of taking the drug. So hang in there. Be patient. I hope that it works for you. If it doesn't, don't give up hope.

If there is a next time, ask your dermatologist if you are a good candidate for accutane. Good luck.

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Thanks for the comment. I might upload a few pics later on, and I would definitely like to hear your opinions about my face and how bad it is. I've been thinking about accutane a lot, but I have a girlfriend, and we kiss a lot :) A very common side effect of Accutane is dry lips, and i would rather not get questioned about why my lips are so dry :( Wow, why can't i just have a smooth skin :(( life is so hard

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