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Dans Aha For Red Acne Marks

Hi, this is my first time on this, im 19, i had acne at 15 (red pimples) however now all I have left is just the red marks that get left over after the pimples have gone, they have faded a bit. I've heard that aha is good to fade these red acne marks, I have just recieved my Dans AHA+ and Dans Cleanser.

Should i use the cleanser at night and use the AHA 10 minutes after? (ill try small patch of aha first and see if I react badly for the first couple of days), also when i wake up should I use the cleanser again? and then use sun cream after that ( I have sp25)

How do you think I should go with when to use the cleanser, aha, sunblock?

Thank you very much for taking your time to answer : )

also if i dont react badly to the aha should i use it on the marks or all over face, acne.orgs brandy said its ok to use all over face or on marks but better to do all over as its quicker, and also when im used to it should i use aha twice daily


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This is what I would do...

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser
  • After your face is completely dry, apply a 50/50 mixture of moisturizer and AHA+

Yes you should use SPF in the day even in the winter months. Although the sun is not out during the day, the UV rays are actually stronger. At night I would consider JUST the AHA+ because I feel that face products work better when your are asleep.

I just started the regimen. The above is what just makes sense for me to do. Good luck.

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Should I use the cleanser at night and then the aha 10 min after (or when my face is dried) and should I run the aha in or a thin layer? Also in morning should I not use the cleanser or aha just rinse my face with water and apply SPF

Thank you

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