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Round Two Ding Ding Ding



Sooooo the 10% BP mauled my skin and I couldn't even face going out in public every time I talked flakes were shooting off in all directions haha. If I had the time I probably would of stuck at it for longer alas, my job requires me too look "good" and "acceptable" eusa_wall.gif

So I have now started on lymecycline again. I'm a week into the second round and all my acne has seemed to localise around my mouth which is strange... Don't get me wrong I am actually happy(!) as it beats having it everywhere and the majority of it isn't active save for TWO MASSIVE CYSTS that have misshapen my mouth lol. Also had a strange thought...

I have suffered horrid horrid acne for 11 years yet never once have I had a pimple on my forehead. EVER. Even though I have had bangs my whole life hmmm eusa_doh.gif