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Day 25 - It's Been An Interesting Week



Its been an interesting week. It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation upstate. Turned into a car crash (we are ok), a lot of fighting, and really really dry skin from the hard water up there.

So between the stress, the lack of sleep and the dry skin, i'm trying desperately to rebalance by face. I was doing really really good. I just have really sensitive skin.

it's now Wed and it's slowly getting back to normal. I had to take a break from the hash products and just moisturize. so far just ok....but it'll get there.

no big cysts... not yet at least. just small bumps from the dry irritated skin.

I find that the Tea Tree Oil help a lot. but be careful not to over use or you can burn the skin. ouch!

oh, and because i was away i couldn’t drink my smoothies for a few days....totally missed them and noticed a difference. I was more dehydrated.

back on the 'drink' lol :)