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Roaccutane/accutane Treatment: Week Six


Okay, okay. So currently on 60mg a day. I was meant to be bumped up 10mg but my derms handwriting is so illegible that the script got lost in the mail. What is with health specialist and their crappy handwriting? Hello, I'm paying you $145 a visit, can you at least make it possible for a piece of paper to get to me?

Anyway, my skin's kind of meh. I've had about 5 breakouts come up this week, and all of the have been on the right side of my face. It sucks. My lips have been super dry, as always, and I think I'm on the road to set the world record for "The Most Paw Paw Used".

I didn't think that my skin was dry, but I scratched my arm today, and it literally ripped off a massive chunk of skin. Then I scratched my neck and it did the same thing, so now I know how fragile it is.

The days are starting to get hotter, so I'm layering myself in sunscreen. I still burn very easily. Everything else is pretty good apart from all that. Nothing too serious, and nothing I can't keep under control. I just can't wait until I finish this treatment.

I swear I take all my pictures as soon as I get out the shower. Excuse my eyebrows, please, I'm begging you.




See you next week.