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The Regimen - Day 44

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Well my skin is still very tight and dry once I cleanse my face morning and night. Although it goes away once I apply BP and moisturise.. But it does concern me a little.. I read up about moisturising before putting on BP.. So I think I might give it a try for a week to see how my skin goes..

I had a big pimple the other week which really upset me.. I popped it because it was so nasty lookin' (with clean hands) and then applied BP over it, but it just kept filling up with crap -_- but 2 days later it finally started to go down and then by about 5 days it was gone which was pretty good for a pimple that nasty :S I think it was hormones (that time of month). But other than that my face has been pretty good :)

I have stuffed up two times.. I picked at literally nothing and made big pink squeezed looking patches on my cheeks and chin -__- I don't know why I frikin' do that! I get in the moment and regret it later... ugh but I am trying so goddam hard to recognise when I do it so I can immediately stop and not do it at all.. It's hard but it's one of those habits that is a killer to stop. BUT I will stop, I have to otherwise what's the point in even doing this? lol..

I have these tiny white dots under the skin on one spot on either side of my cheeks, when I pull it and/or look very closely I can see them. They really irritate the hell out of me and I hope by squeezing them and applying BP it will diminish them for good, forever! And I think i've squeezed most of them and rid f most of them so I only have like 3 left but I am not going to squeeze them! I will just let time get rid of them..

Oh my god I feel like I should backspace half of what I just wrote :/ ha!

My face is 100% clear and has been for the past few weeks :) It is as soft as a baby's bum! I hope by doing the moisturising before BP will work the same, I have added more moisturiser on top of the BP for even more moisture. My skin is so dry it's like my face has stopped producing oil :S But anyway i'm not too worried, I mean it's probably just the BP because before my skin was mega super oily like an oil slick, So yeah..

I will keep an update on how the maintenance of my face goes..and picking at nothing habit goes.. :)

Hmm what else to write..

I still have the prescription for the Epiduo my doctor gave me the other week. I never asked for it he just gave me it.. He never told me anything about it at all so I am kind of confused if it's better or not? Bleh I don't know I really don't have a clue.. I looked up some reviews of it on here and wow I was shocked at how many bad reviews it has :S I guess that's why

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