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Week 1




Just wanted to start a blog as I am beginning to take Diane 35 for my acne. I have been suffering with acne since I was about 14, and I am now 18 and am finally going to take action because I do not want acne at this age! Or any age really.. I usually breakout really bad around my period, and I know that these oral contraceptives are for hormonal acne so I really hope that it works for me!!

So I have lots of blackheads on my nose probably also because I have really oily skin which sucks! I get a lot of white heads too around my nose and my mouth (attractive I know), and get really nasty cysts usually on my nose which I want to cry everytime I get one, and I get them on my cheeks but they are under the skin and do not form above the skin like the ones on my nose.. Cystic acne is the worst kind of acne and of course with my luck those are the ones I get! Usually around my time of the month..

Like right now I just got one to go away that was on my nose, it's slowly going down ! And I feel one under my skin by my mouth and a few on my cheeks, and of course my blackheads are on my nose woo .

Anyway, so ya I'm on my first week of Diane 35! Hope I don't get that huge initial breakout like I have read about some girls, that would be horrible because my self esteem is already low as it is soo , praying all goes well!! Keep ya updated :)


- usual oily skin still

- whitehead around nose

- few but not visible cysts under the skin

- light migraines not sure if from the pill

Some girls have also said they get nausea from the pill thank god I have not had too many bad symptoms yet, and hopefully don't jinx myself aha! Talk to ya soon


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