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Day Three



Good morning! I did absolutely nothing last night. Went to bed very early, got up, and now I'm going to the gym. My skin is the same, if not better, than it was yesterday. Nothing new has popped up, besides some dry skin.. But I'm used to flaking and dry skin. :P My skin still hasn't overproduced any oil. It seems pretty balanced right now. I've read that it only takes 13-14 hours for your skins acid mantle to rebalance and come back to it's natural pH.

I've realized something this morning that makes me happy. This water only regimen is not some month long trial for my skin. Even if my acne does not go away, I will never go back to benzoyl peroxide. I think this water only regimen is more so I can get off the BP than it is to clear my pimples. If that makes any sense... If anyone has ever used BP to the extent that I have, you must have experienced some of the side effects.

AND IT DOESNT MATTER HOW MUCH SUNSCREEN YOU APPLY, sunscreen does not fight off BP fine lines. I've been applying sunscreen on my face everyday since I was very young. I have fairly pale skin naturally, so I HAVE to apply sunscreen.

Of course, during this experiment, I wont be applying any sunscreen. But that's okay, because I live in Vancouver and sun is barely out at this time of the year. I'm hoping, when I'm feeling more comfortable, I will be able to apply a very very very natural sunscreen to my skin at some point.......

Anyway, if anyone is interested, I have a gigantic Acne.org regimen Benzoyl Peroxide bottle that I only took two pumps out of. And now its just sitting in a box... kind of feels like a waste and I cant seem to dump it down the sink.

LOL jk I would never sell an opened pump bottle of BP tongue.png

Anyway, I'll update later as the day progresses. Still trying to find digital camera cord. WHERE IS IT!!!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!


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